Mind Fitness has teamed up with The National Lottery Community Fund to create the MF project, providing free webinars to create resilient psychological & emotional well-being during Covid-19.

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Our webinars are available to anyone above the age of 18.
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What is Mind Fitness?

A safe space for organisations to understand the mind and body and to develop purposeful connections.

Mind Fitness takes into consideration corporate wellness with a key focus on tier support. At Mind Fitness we realise that one service does not fit all and we offer tailored support to meet the needs of your organisation. Mind Fitness is all in the name, it is focusing on mindset, wellness and health to ensure corporates provide the best for their people.

Why choose us?

Understand your needs

Our broad spectrum of professionals will understand the needs and objectives of your organisation and its employees

Tailor made programmes

We pride ourselves with working to ensure that we tailor make a programme that works for your company.

Measure results

We monitor feedback and measure objectives achieved for the organisation

Support We Offer





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Our Story

Bal and Lalitaa have both been brought up in different cultures and as ethnic minority women who have challenged the traditional paths expected of them. They have been through this and realise that so many others are stuck in what they think they should be or not understanding why they feel the way they do. They realise the key to their success was in their mindset and now want to ensure everyone can reach their potential, to do this it is to work with your thoughts, beliefs and values – hence MindFitness was born!

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