Sharing real stories, building human connection.

Our Story

Bal and Lalitaa have both been brought up in different cultures and as ethnic minority women who have challenged the traditional paths expected of them. They have been through this and realise that so many others are stuck in what they think they should be or not understanding why they feel the way they do. They realise the key to their success was in their mindset and now want to ensure everyone can reach their potential, to do this it is to work with your thoughts, beliefs and values – hence MindFitness was born!

Our Mission

To develop a safe, non-judgemental community for people to authentically connect.

About Mind Fitness

At Mind Fitness Hub, we have a selective team of clinicians. Our expanding team of therapists, psychologists and psychotherapists are qualified in a number of approaches and will tailor support to your needs.

We work from a humanistic perspective where empathy, congruence and being non-judgmental is applied.

We have a specialised team dedicated to understanding your needs and we then establish a suitable approach to work with you. We provide services across the spectrum to different age groups and organisations, for example, children, adults including corporates and professionals, families and relationships. All our professionals follow an ethical governing body such as the BACP, BPS, BABCP, HCPC to promote and maintain high standards for the profession.

Who are we?

Hi we’re Bal and Lalitaa.

Between us we have worked for over 16 years in the psychology and therapy field. We have worked across the spectrum with children, adults, families and couples. In our work we realised that the main theme that kept coming up for the majority of our clients was low self-esteem, self-worth and the lack of understanding an awareness of ourselves. This does not only have an impact on us, but also our relationships such as children, family, friendships, partners, work, colleagues. A lot of pre-existing conditions such as anxiety, depression, low mood and other mental health difficulties are a result of our past experiences, understanding and making sense of these past experiences will develop a level of awareness for these individuals to understand the impact it is having on their current life and future. With this understanding we help individuals to create lasting change in their life and we can help to manage their mental and emotional health difficulties.

We also learnt through our work that another element of our self is connection with others which is very important to alleviate loneliness and isolation in our life. We found so many people finding it difficult to purposefully connect or to meet with people on their growth journey. As a result of this, our mission is to create a community where people can grow, develop and find meaningful relationships.