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Do you wish to support your employees in a way that gives them a sense of psychological & emotional resilience?

To provide an environment that attracts and retains employees and brings out their best performance, companies must focus on providing a uniquely impressive and holistic employee experience. An overwhelming majority of people don’t feel an innate connection to their role or company, putting most companies at risk of high employee turnover rates. Employees are driven by open communication, a great work culture which is inclusive, involvement with causes, and achieving purpose and fulfilment.

Mind Fitness intends to create a culture of engaged, loyal, and productive employees. Our programmes are put together by professionals ie psychologist, psychotherapists and coaches. If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help support you, please contact our sales team.

Services we offer

Mind Fitness offers a number of different services based on the needs of the company. We understand the different tiers within a business and realise the different support that is required. We offer online webinars, training, emotional and mental health support, management coaching and leadership development to organisations.

Mental Health Awareness Training

This programme will enable leaders to be more confident and committed to deliver support around mental health to their teams and enhance personal wellbeing. The mental health and wellbeing of staff has become more important in the past year due to the pandemic and its effect on employees mental health due to high levels of uncertainty and changes in the way we work.

Mental health has an impact on engagement, satisfaction, turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism and retention of staff.

This training will enable leaders to commit to awareness and understanding of mental health and promote a culture of support, inclusivity, trust, understanding and commitment to mental health in the organisation. Please contact us HERE for more details and to see how we can support your organisations.

Corporate Webinars

Webinars, organised by professionals on a specific subject related to psychological and emotional health. Organisations can choose to have monthly, weekly or one off webinars on topics below.

  • Understanding and Managing Anxiety
  • Understanding and Managing Depression or Low Mood
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Grief and Loss
  • Gender Violence
  • Workplace Wellbeing (especially post-covid)
  • Understanding Difference ie racism, cultural difference
  • Understanding and Managing Stress
  • Understanding and Managing Presenteeism or Absenteeism in the Workplace
  • Building self esteem and confidence in the workplace
  • Understanding the Imposter Syndrome / Inner Critic
  • Conflict Resolution

Personal and Professional Coaching

Personal development for employees and teams where the sessions are aimed at enhancing an individual’s performance in their current role at work, to increase their effectiveness and productivity at work.

  • Anxiety, Low Mood, Depression
  • Attachments
  • Trauma
  • Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Self-worth
  • Triggers and build-up of emotional distresses
  • How to manage challenging behaviours or stressful situations
  • Positive behaviour management, Positive mindset
  • Communication skills covering both verbal and non-verbal
  • How to resolve the conflict and de-escalate situations
  • Planning, help and support systems

Management Coaching

Supporting managers to develop skills to better manage employees and teams.

  • Mediation (conflict resolution)
  • Presenteeism, Absenteeism
  • Personal development and mental health
  • Performance coaching, where we help facilitate the improvement in performance of the employee within the organisation, which will lead to an increase in business results.
  • Leadership / Managerial Training
  • Understanding workplace behaviours
  • Social interactions in the workplace
  • Building professional/office relationships with colleagues
  • General work coping strategies such as stress management

Corporate Leadership & Senior Executives Coaching

Business Coaching for Senior Managers and CEOs

  • Maximising high potential employees
  • Preparing for a promotion
  • Making a positive impact in a new role
  • Motivating and leveraging the work force
  • Managing change and adapting to change
  • Dealing with challenging employees
  • Developing management style
  • Good mental health and emotional well-being
  • Developing a leadership image and a personal brand.
  • Reassessing strategic priorities and developing a clear action plan.

Team Development Days

Your employees don’t just exist in a professional capacity to serve your organization. They are whole human beings comprised of physical, intellectual, and emotional experiences. For them to evolve both personally and professionally, employee development must be holistic. Ask questions like, “How do you feel about your work lately? Are you struggling with anything?” This meets our basic needs to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and validated—needs that often go unmet in many work environments. People don’t merely work to live anymore; they work to learn new skills, feed their passions, and become better humans. Development days not only help support individual employees but also the team as it fosters cooperation and support for each other on the team.

How it works

At Mind Fitness we pride ourselves in developing relationships with whom we work with. We want to truly understand your company and how we can work together. We initially would arrange a consultation call to go through a thorough understanding of what your company needs. Then at Mind Fitness, as professionals we all come together to add in our view of what support is needed and present this back to you.

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